2009 Melbourne International Motorshow Auction

1927 Packard 426 Roadster





Engine In-line 6-cylinder, 289-cid
Gearbox 3-speed manual
Body Work Roadster
Colour Grey/Black
Interior Black
Trim Vinyl
Wheels Steel Disc
Brakes Drums


This lot is no longer available

By the 1920s, Packard had established itself as the market leader in American luxury motoring, the name synonymous with technological innovation, first class engineering and outstanding build quality. Recognising the need for a smaller, more affordable range of cars to be sold alongside the famous Twin Six, Packard introduced the Six in 1921 and it remained the mainstay of production until 1928, incorporating many of the features and improvements made to its larger eight-cylinder siblings. At the heart of the Packard Six was an impressively smooth, powerful L-head engine displacing 289-cid by 1927. For the penultimate year, the motor had a new so-called ?Turbo-Head? with new aluminium pistons, revised intake manifold and combustion chambers to deliver more power (the engine was now rated at 81 hp) while a hypoid differential lowered the ride height in addition to offering smoother operation. Other changes included the addition of a stoplight and the Skinner Oil Rectifier was no longer fitted. The ladder-frame chassis boasted four-wheel brakes and leaf-sprung suspension and for 1927 there were two wheelbase lengths available, the 126-inch Model 426 and the 133-inch Model 433. An extensive range of factory coachwork was listed, including the Touring, Sedan, Sedan Limousine, Club Sedan, Coupe and the model offered here, the Roadster (style 302) that listed for $2,685 US dollars. In total, some 35,903 fourth series Packards were made with 3,242 designated for export to Canada and beyond.