2018 Shannons Sydney Winter Classic Auction

1973 Ford Falcon XA 'Superbird' 2-Door Coupe




Engine V8, 351-cid (see text)
Gearbox 4-speed manual
Body Work Hardtop Coupe
Colour Metallic Green
Interior Black
Trim Vinyl
Wheels Cast Alloy
Brakes Disc/Drum


This lot is no longer available

Launched in March 1972, the XA was something of a milestone car in Ford Australia’s history, being the first car completely designed and built in this country.  The XA marked a change in direction for styling, with a larger, more curvaceous shape and for the first time since the mid-1960s a muscular two-door hardtop model was offered, featuring a lowered roofline.  Ford released a specially optioned version of the hardtop known as the Superbird, available in three distinctive colour schemes: Polar White with Cosmic Blue stripes, Yellow Fire with Walnut Glow stripes and perhaps most striking of all, Lime Glaze with Jewel Green stripes.  Launched at the Sydney Motor Show as a marketing exercise to encourage sales of the slow moving hardtops, the Superbird featured giant, hand-painted bird graphics.  The public reaction at the show, and the following Melbourne Motor Show, was such that Ford put the Superbird into limited production at the asking price of $3,590, all XA hardtops with a 302-cid V8 either in manual or automatic form.  Other features included a luxurious interior, dash with full GT instrumentation, styled steel rear window louvre and blacked-out grille in addition to the two-tone paintwork and unique Superbird badging.  Although exact production figures aren’t confirmed, the generally quoted figure is 700 Superbirds (although true production is now thought to be 750 units) and they are becoming hard to find today, with a strong following amongst Ford collectors.