2018 Shannons Sydney Winter Classic Auction

1953 Holden FJ Utility




Engine In-line 6-cylinder, 132.5-cid
Gearbox 3-speed manual
Body Work Utility
Colour Mist Green
Interior Green
Trim Vinyl
Wheels Steel Disc
Brakes Drums


This lot is no longer available

The Holden was Australia’s first commercially successful automobile, launched to great fanfare in November 1948 with the styling heavily influenced by prevailing American and European design trends.  Boasting advanced monocoque construction and a sturdy, sufficiently powerful OHV six-cylinder engine under the curved bonnet, the new Holden 48-215 (or FX as it has become known) proved perfectly suited to Australia’s rugged driving conditions of the day.  The Holden underwent its first and only facelift in September 1953, the new FJ featuring a new chrome grille inspired by contemporary Buicks, hubcap design and jet-age tail lights.  Holden expanded the model range, adding a more upmarket Special Sedan with better equipment levels, along with Panel Van and Coupe Utility commercial variants and exports across the Tasman began in 1954.  By the time production of the FJ ceased in 1956, more than 250,000 first generation Holdens had been built and the famous ‘Humpy’ had written itself into the history books.  Celebrated in films, music and popular culture generally, the FJ has become a local icon and with good examples becoming hard to find, original cars are quickly being snapped up by collectors.