2019 Shannons Melbourne Spring Classic Auction

1937 MG TA 1250 Roadster




Engine 1280cc four-cylinder
Gearbox 4-speed manual
Body Work Roadster
Colour British Racing Green
Interior Brown
Trim Leather
Wheels Wire Spoked
Brakes Drum/Drum


This lot is no longer available

The first in the legendary T-Series range of models from MG, TA was essentially a replacement for the PA/PB series, utilising a modified OHV four-cylinder engine from the Wolseley 10 (designated the MPJG) with twin SU carburettors, altered camshaft and exhaust manifolds. Improvements included synchromesh on the top two gears, hydraulic brakes, wider track and longer wheelbase for more passenger room. The majority of the 3000 or so MG TAs built had 2-door roadster bodywork in typical upright fashion, with folding screen and rudimentary hood, but a small number of Airline Coupes and Tickford Drophead Coupes by Salmons of Newport Pagnell were made as well. Although the engine displaced just 1.3-litres, it developed a healthy 50 bhp at 4500 rpm, capable of pushing the little MG along to a top speed of nearly 130 km/h, with 0-100 coming up in around 23.1 seconds. More power was easily had, and many TA's were tuned to go a lot quicker. Built between 1936 and 1939, the TA (and its short-lived successor, the TB) were built in small numbers compared with the post war T-Series, with the great export market of America yet to discover the famous Octagon marque. Although it may not have seemed so at the time, the MG TA paved the way for a healthy future and set the style for MGs for years to come.