2019 Shannons Melbourne Spring Classic Auction

1988 Toyota Century 4.0 Sedan (RHD)




Engine 4 litre V8
Gearbox Four-speed automatic
Body Work Sedan
Colour Dark Blue
Interior Maroon
Trim Leather
Wheels Dunlop Chromed Wires
Brakes Disc/Disc


This lot is no longer available

Toyota’s Century is a large four-door limousine hand-built to special order for the Japanese domestic market by its subsidiary, Kanto Auto Works. Serving as Toyota's flagship car model between 1967 and January 2017, receiving only minor changes along the way until a redesign in 1997. The Century derived its name from the 100th birthday of company founder Sakichi Toyoda (born 14 February 1867) and model was often used by the Imperial House of Japan, the Prime Minister of Japan, senior Japanese government leaders, diplomats and high-level executive businessmen. The original Century (G20) was based on the 1964 Crown Eight which featured the 2.6 litre V8 Toyota V engine, and the design remained largely untouched during its 30-year production run, apart from minor cosmetic changes and engine upgrades. The 1967 Century was equipped with an upgraded version of the Crown Eight engine, the 3.0 litre 3V, then 1973 saw the introduction of the 3.4 litre 4V, replaced by the 4V-U two years later. The engine was once again changed, to the 4.0 L 5V-EU in late 1982 with the VG40 model (as here), an engine known as Toyota’s Hemi because of its hemispherical combustion chamber design. It was exclusive to the Century model. Built as the absolute ultimate in automotive luxury, these Toyota Centurys always had every conceivable luxury appointment, as well as the very latest in innovative driving and safety technology. It is a source of national pride and an example of the country’s technological innovation and commitment to quality and refinement. Only 2000 Centurys were ever built in 1988, making this car rare even in Japan and possibly the only example in Australia.