2020 Shannons Winter Timed Online Auction

1928 Ford Model A 'Hot Rod' Tudor (RHD)


Wednesday 26 August 8.43pm AEST*




Engine 5.8 litre Ford V8
Gearbox Three-speed automatic
Body Work Tudor sedan
Colour Maroon
Interior Burgundy
Trim Velour cloth
Wheels Centreline alloys
Brakes Discs/discs


This lot is no longer available

Ford replaced its ultra-successful Model T, a ground breaker in terms of mass production and thus automotive affordability, with the Model A in late 1927. It was also powered by a four-cylinder 'L'-Head motor that displaced 201ci and produced 40bhp, driving through a three-speed manual transmission. The beauty of the Model A was, like other early Fords, the sheer number of body styles that were offered … four-door sedans, four-door tourers, two-door convertibles, two-door roadsters, two-door coupes, two-door Tudors, utilities, town cars ...the list goes on. This enabled the Model A to be individualised to taste and, coupled with its low price, allowed it to continue the Model T's tradition of providing mass transport in style. By end of its production run in 1931, with the advent of the Model B and V8, almost five million Model A Fords had been built, with assembly factories in Europe, Australia and Argentina as well as North America. Since the ‘50s, of course, the Model A has been a favourite of Hot Rodders.  Original cars – and later fibreglass reproductions – have since been modified into all manner of street machines, almost invariably fitted with a large V8 engine.