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1954 Austin-Healey 100/4 BN1 Roadster



Passed In


Engine 2660cc in-line four-cylinder
Gearbox Three-speed + Overdrive Manual
Body Work Roadster
Colour Red Over Black
Interior Black
Trim Leather
Wheels Wire Spoke
Brakes Drums


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One of the truly great sports cars of the 1950s, the Austin-Healey was a case of the right car at the right time. Having developed the original prototype for the 1952 London Motor Show, Donald Healey's little company based in Warwick was unable to take advantage of the unprecedented reaction. Fortuitously, Austin boss Leonard Lord spotted the Healey and recognised its potential as an affordable rival to Triumph’s successful TR series. As a result, Austin and Healey made a deal to jointly produce and market the 100 under their combined names, and a legend was born.  The stunning bodywork, designed by Gerry Coker, was made by Jensen Motors of West Bromwich, the chassis by Thompson Pressings and the cars assembled at Austin’s Longbridge plant from March 1953 onwards. The 100/4, as it was designated, utilised Austin’s rugged 2.6-litre four-cylinder engine (first seen in the Atlantic), developing 90 horsepower at 4000rpm and plenty of torque, had hydraulic brakes front and rear, along with well set-up suspension. With a fold-flat windscreen, minimal creature comforts and plenty of urge, the Austin-Healey was the quintessential British sports car and today enjoys a massive following around the world. The original two-seater BN1 remained in production until August 1955 with the vast majority of the 10,688 built were exported to the United States. The 100/4s are highly regarded by Healey enthusiasts for their purity of line and raw sports car driving experience, somewhat diluted on the later six-cylinder models.