2021 Shannons Autumn Timed Online Auction

1926 Rex Acme Sports Motorcycle





Engine 350cc ohv single cylinder
Gearbox Three-speed manual
Colour Blue
Trim Black
Wheels Wire Spoke
Brakes Rear Foot Brake


This lot is no longer available

Rex-Acme was originally founded by brothers William and Harold Williamson as a car manufacturer in Coventry (UK) in 1899 and in 1904 turned to motorcycle manufacturing under the ‘Rex’ brand, building 456cc singles and 726cc twins. Rex then merged with car manufacturer Allard and later in 1922 with Coventry's 'Acme' motorcycle company, forming 'Rex Acme'. The company made the first telescopic forks in 1906, introduced other innovations such as rotary-valve engines and in 1908 were the first to angle the top tube downward to lower the riding position. Rex Acme fired the founders in 1911 and under new boss George Hemingway went on to make own engines, as well as producing a series of JAP-powered machines for Premier. 
Wal Handley guided Rex Acme’s fortunes in competition and in 1926 his strong influence saw the arrival of a wider range, with a new four-stroke, with a 172cc ohv AKD engine and three-speed gearbox. Its 1926 range included 15 models, from 173cc to 746cc capacity, but as the depression deepened sales decreased and sidecar manufacturer Mills-Fulford purchased the company in 1932, dropping motorcycle production the following year and shortly thereafter ceased manufacture of sidecars as well.