2021 Shannons Spring Timed Online Auction

1930 Dodge DD Six Roadster





Engine 208ci six-cylinder
Gearbox Three Speed Manual
Body Work Roadster
Colour Powder Blue
Interior Light Grey
Trim Vinyl
Wheels Wooden Spoked
Brakes Drum/Drum


This lot is no longer available

Having made their fortune as a supplier of engines and transmissions, first to Ransom Eli Olds then Henry Ford, John and Horace Dodge decided it was time to begin building automobiles independently in 1914 and the announcement of the new auto maker was greeted with enthusiasm by the press and public alike. Early Dodge automobiles earned a reputation for being mechanically robust and offering excellent value for money, being the first mass-produced American car with an all-steel body, along with an advanced 12-volt electrical system. Dodge's rapid expansion was curtailed somewhat by the premature deaths of both hard-living brothers in 1920 and the company changed hands twice in that decade, first to a New York bank before Walter P Chrysler ultimately took control in 1928. Under Chrysler's influence Dodge released a revised model range in the period 1929-1930, beginning with the new DA Series. Powered by a 208ci L-head six-cylinder engine developing 63 horsepower at 3000 rpm, the DA rode on a 112-inch wheelbase with styling that generally reflected the trends adopted by the parent company. The bowl-shaped headlamps were mounted on a bowed tie-bar, the bonnet was longer, and the wings crowned. Technical innovations included Lovejoy shock absorbers, North-East ignition, a petrol filter, and a new exhaust manifold that extended from the front of the engine. Buyers were offered a choice of body styles including a Roadster, Phaeton, Coupe (Business, Deluxe or Victoria), Brougham or Sedan, employing the all-steel ‘Monopiece’ construction technique. Dodge was positioned between Plymouth and Chrysler within the Chrysler Corporation and thanks to the DA, the company reversed the decline in sales to climb back to seventh in the American market during 1929, up from 13th the previous year. The DA was also sold in Australia and although it proved popular here, survivors are few and far between.