2021 Shannons Summer Timed Online Auction

1986 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth Hatchback


Tuesday 23rd February 9.10pm AEDT*




Engine In-line 4-cylinder, 1993cc
Gearbox 5-speed manual
Body Work Coupe
Colour Black
Interior Grey
Trim Cloth
Wheels Cast alloy
Brakes Discs


This lot is no longer available

Ford’s radical Sierra spawned several high performance derivatives throughout the 1980s, including the V6-powered XR4i and later the all-wheel drive XR4x4.  Although Britain Ford continued to rely on the ageing Capri as its front line weapon in motor sport, by the early 1980s it was clear a replacement would have to be found and it was left to Stuart Turner’s Special Vehicle Engineering division to transform the Sierra into a competitive racer.  Taking Cosworth’s new 16-valve twin overhead camshaft Pinto engine as a starting point, Turner’s team added a Garrett TO3 turbocharger, suitably beefed up gearbox, brakes and suspension components to a three-door hatchback Sierra shell fitted with numerous aerodynamic aids to improve stability and downforce.  A huge front spoiler and wheelarch extensions were complemented by the RS Cosworth’s signature “whaletail” rear spoiler.  In road going guise, the Cossie developed 204 bhp at 6000 rpm, although up to 350 bhp was available in racing form, and the road car could hit 100 km/h in a tick over six seconds on the way to an equally impressive top speed of 230 km/h, making this the fastest British production Ford since the GT40.  Big ventilated discs up front with ABS kept all this power in check and the stylish Rial cast alloy rims were shod with 205/50VR15 rubber all round.  Ford were required to produce 5000 cars to homologate the Sierra for Group A touring car racing and ultimately made 5542 RSs, split equally between left and right-hand drive markets.  A batch of 500 cars were set aside until 1987 then reworked as RS500 Cosworths in order to homologate a bigger Garrett TO4 turbocharger and intercooler plus the more aggressive aero package.  Ford offered the Cosworth in just three colours – Diamond White, Moonstone Blue and Black and for many years the car struggled to shed its boy racer image, with many lost to over exuberant driving or thieves, but is now incredibly collectible.