2021 Shannons Summer Timed Online Auction

1969 Ford 'Mercedes 500K Replica' Roadster (LHD)


Tuesday 23rd February 9.48pm AEDT*




Engine V8, 302-cid
Gearbox 3-speed automatic
Body Work Roadster
Colour Red
Interior Tan
Trim Vinyl
Wheels Wire-spoked
Brakes Discs/Drums


This lot is no longer available

One of the greatest cars built in the 1930s and designed to take advantage of the growing Autobahn network reaching across Germany, the Mercedes-Benz 500K was capable of cruising at remarkable speeds in absolute comfort.  Based on the earlier 380K of 1932, the 500K’s supercharged straight eight was developed by Chief Engineer Dr Hans Nibel.  Using technology mastered in aircraft engine in World War I, the Kompressor unleashed an additional 50 horsepower under full throttle, accompanied by the characteristic banshee whine.  A wide range of factory body styles were catalogued for the 500K, ranging from relatively sedate enclosed coupes to ornate cabriolets but without question the ultimate variant was the Special Roadster.  Designed by Hermann Ahrens and constructed by Mercedes’ in-house Sindelfingen coachworks, the Special Roadster was easily the most expensive – and exclusive – model in the 500K range, accounting for only a handful of the 354 chassis built in total between 1934 and 1936.   One of the most beautiful automobiles ever made, the 500K (and subsequent 540K) Special Roadsters are now amongst the most coveted classic cars on the planet, with originals rarely changing hands and commanding seven figure sums when they do.  For those unable to afford the real deal the replica industry offers a practical alternative, combining modern chassis and reliable running gear with styling that closely resembles the legendary originals.  The highly regarded 500K replicas constructed by H T Price’s Classic Factory of Pomona, California have been around since the 1980s, using sturdy American donor cars and are all hand-built to a high standard, not kit cars.