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1971 Ford Falcon XY 4x4 Utility




Engine 250ci 6-cylinder
Gearbox 3-speed manual
Body Work Utility
Colour White
Interior Tan
Trim Vinyl
Wheels Steel
Brakes Disc/Drum


This lot is no longer available

The XY Falcon was released in October 1970 replacing the XW Falcon and is today widely regarded as one of the most desirable of the early Falcon models, especially in its ultimate GTHO Phase III guise. Based on the strong selling XW range, the XY facelift brought a new level of styling sophistication and aggressive design to the Falcon, introducing a new divided grille and cleaner, redesigned taillights. There were also refinements to seating, safety equipment and ride quality, all offered across a range of eight passenger vehicle and three commercial models. A GS Rally Pack was available as an option on the Falcon 500, Futura and Fairmont sedans and wagons, while the ‘hero’ of the XY range was the legendary Falcon GTHO Phase III, released in May 1971. Engines across the XY range included the new 200ci (3.3 litre) and 250ci (4.1 litre) in-line six-cylinder engines, replacing the smaller-capacity sixes offered in the XW models. Both the 302ci (4.9 litre) and 351ci (5.8 litre) V8s were carried over, though the larger capacity Windsor engine was replaced by the Cleveland engine. The Falcon XY 4x4 (four-wheel-drive) was a small run of converted utes sold in 1972, originally developed in response to a tender from the Australian Army. The XY 4x4s were converted and assembled, largely by hand, at Ford’s Brisbane Assembly Plant, which were also responsible for low-volume builds of right-hand drive F-trucks. Although ostensibly a simple exercise, in fact the conversion of the XY utility proved a major challenge for Ford, with all manner of re-engineering required to fit a leaf-sprung live axle assembly under the front of a Falcon. Using Jeep drivetrain hardware and transmission adapters – Ford had been collaborating with Willys, providing complete engines and other Falcon components for local Jeep assembly – which already existed for the CJ5/CJ6, the four-wheel-drive utility got beefier subframes, rear undercarriage and various cab reinforcements, as well as heavy duty axles and clutch. All 432 4x4 Utes produced were delivered with 250ci straight-sixes and a three-speed BorgWarner manual transmission. The Ford XY Falcon 4x4 Utility remains an oddity but has surged in popularity in recent years as likely the rarest local Ford production model ever made.