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1967 Ford Mustang GT S-Code Convertible (LHD)





Engine 390 cubic-inch V8
Gearbox 4-speed manual
Body Work Convertible
Colour Aqua
Interior Black
Wheels Alloy
Brakes Discs


This lot is no longer available

Facing stiff competition from Chevrolet's new Camaro, the Mustang was restyled for season 1967. The body was longer and wider but the hallmark long bonnet/short tail look that proved so popular on the original 1964 ½ Mustangs was retained. So, too, were the three variants – Hardtop Coupe, Fastback and Convertible. An upgraded front-end produced better handling and a more serene ride. The 1967 ’Stang was was the first of the breed with a dual hydraulic brake system and the optional front discs were now power-assisted. The range of engines offered remained essentially the same as for 1966 save for the addition of the S-Code 390 cubic-inch big block, often known as the ‘Thunderbird 390’ in Australia due to the Galaxie 390 thus promoted. Inside the ’67s got a new dash with plenty of new options including a fold-down rear seat to increase luggage space in the Fastback variant.  The 390 had a four-barrel Holley 600-cfm carburettor and developed healthy 320 brake horsepower at 4600 rpm, with copious torque. Despite facing new challengers, the original Pony Car continued to dominate in 1967, with almost half a million finding customers that year. As the prices of many classic cars skyrocket, Mustangs remain relatively affordable, in part because of the sheer numbers made.