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1928 Chevrolet Series AB National Roadster (RHD)





Engine In-line 4-cylinder, 171-cid
Gearbox 3-speed manual
Body Work Roadster
Colour Blue & Black
Interior Brown
Trim Vinyl
Wheels Wooden-spoke
Brakes Mechanical Drums


This lot is no longer available

William C Durant, founder of General Motors, left in 1910 to form a new company and the Chevrolet brand became a household name, ultimately joining the General Motors Empire in 1918.  By the late Twenties Chevrolet had well and truly established itself as the most serious competitor to Ford and finally overtook its main rival in the sales race in 1927.  Replacing the Series AA Capitol, the 1928 Chevrolet Model AB National was a substantially larger car than in previous years, with a longer 107-inch wheelbase, full crown wings and higher cowl line giving the new model a more stately appearance.  At the heart of the 1928 Chevrolet was a sturdy 171-cid four-cylinder engine developing 35 horsepower at 2200rpm and driving the rear wheels through a tough floor-shift gearbox.  Braking was provided to all four wheels for the first time in 1928, a significant improvement, with further innovations like Alemite chassis lubrication, indirectly lit instrument panel and thermostat making the car easier to live with.  A wide choice of coachwork, ranging from roadsters, tourers and cabriolets to coupes, coach and sedans was catalogued by Fisher Body, the most expensive being the Imperial Landau costing $715.  Total production of Chevrolets for 1928 stood at 1,193, 212 cars of which around 70,000 were made in Canada, a number of which were earmarked for export to Australia.