2022 Shannons Autumn Timed Online Auction

1929 Ford Model A Roadster (Modified)





Engine 327 cubic-inch V8
Gearbox Turbo 350
Body Work Roadster
Colour Green
Trim Gold
Wheels Chrome Wire
Brakes Discs


This lot is no longer available

The Model A Ford, successor to the famous ‘Tin Lizzie’ Model T, has long been a favourite with the hot rodding fraternity. The first example went down the line on 20 October 1927 but the official launch was not until 2 December and it was designated as a 1928 model. The new Ford was a completely different car that did not carry-over any parts from the Model T. It was lower and sleeker and embodied Edsel Ford’s styling ideas. While it still used a four-cylinder engine, this was a more powerful unit than the T’s and in standard guise the Model A could reach speeds up to 65 miles per hour. It came with Triplex shatterproof safety windshield and hydraulic shocks, both a first for Ford and unheard of in the low-priced field. It was also the first Ford to carry the famous blue oval logo and the first to be  assembled at the new Rouge manufacturing complex. As for the name, Henry Ford said that the car was so new and different that they would ‘wipe the slate clean and start all over again with Model A.’ Within 14 months a million examples had found homes while the second million took just five more months. When Model A production ended in March 1932, almost five million had been sold.