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1980 Honda CR250R Trail Bike





Engine 250cc
Gearbox 5-speed close ratio manual
Body Work Motorcycle
Colour Red
Trim Black
Wheels Chrome Wire
Brakes Drum


This lot is no longer available

In the world of dirt bikes and especially in the racing context, the Honda CR250R stands alone. Even though the last example was made way back in 2007, the CR has still possibly won more amateur and professional races than any other. The prototype was built in 1971 and production of out-of-the-box racers began two years later. Amazingly, the CR250 was in production for 35 years. The “R” designation meant Works Replica, as they were direct copies of the bikes ridden by Hondas Factory Team riders. These were the fastest dirt motorcycles in the world in their day. The 1980 model was Honda’s last air-cooled dirt bike before it switched to water-cooling for 1981. The R edition was only made for three consecutive years from 1980 and these three models are known by the Red Rocket moniker per their distinctive red engines.