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1971 Ford ZD Fairlane K-Code 351 V8 Sedan





Engine 351 cubic-inch V8
Gearbox 3-speed automatic
Body Work Sedan
Colour White
Trim Black
Wheels Steel
Brakes Disk/Drum


This lot is no longer available

The final version of the original Z-series Fairlanes was the ZD released in November 1970, with a Lincoln Continental-inspired grille and wheel covers, revised tail light treatment and interior improvements, including a new instrument cluster. From their debut in 1967, the Falcon-based Aussie Fairlanes offered a new definition of luxury and soon displaced the locally assembled editions of the Galaxie, Chevrolet, Pontiac and Dodge. In K-Code guise equipped with the 351 cubic-inch V8 engine made famous by the Falcon GTs, the ZD Fairlane 500 was the ultimate 1971 Australian luxury sedan. In fact it easily bore comparison with imported models twice or three times its surprisingly affordable price. The longer wheelbase, much greater interior space and huge boot meant that the Fairlane 500 was an even better interstate cruiser than the Falcon GT. Surviving examples, particularly those K-Code cars powered by the 351-ci V8, have become increasingly sought after by Blue Oval aficionados who prefer their muscle with a touch of luxury.