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1989 Chevrolet Corvette C4 Convertible (LHD)



Passed In


Engine 5.7-litre V8
Gearbox automatic
Body Work 2-door convertible
Colour Red
Interior tan/black
Wheels Alloy
Brakes Discs


This lot is no longer available

The sixth-generation C4 Corvette was launched to acclaim in 1984. Its styling and handling were the two areas coming in for the most praise – indeed, Car and Driver magazine went so far as to describe the Corvette as ‘the most advanced production car on the planet’. With rack and pinion steering, 4-wheel disc brakes and forged-aluminium suspension arms the Corvette was certainly a big improvement on the outgoing C3 and the bodyshell was very aerodynamic while retaining traditional Corvette styling cues. It was equipped with the famous 5.7-litre V8, which had acquired Tuned Port Injection for the 1985 model year. One unusual feature was the availability of a 4-plus-3-speed transmission with computer-controlled overdrive on the top three gears; a more traditional 4-speed automatic was also offered.