2022 Shannons Summer Timed Online Auction

1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 'Q-Code' Fastback (LHD)





Engine V-8, 428-cid
Gearbox 4-speed manual
Body Work Fastback Coupe
Colour Black
Interior Black
Trim Vinyl
Wheels Cast Alloy
Brakes Discs (see text)

Notice (Form 11)


This lot is no longer available

Ford’s 1969 line-up was all about Total Performance and the completely revised Mustang range – with larger bodies, quad headlamps and a more sharply raked windscreen – boasted an extraordinary selection of powerful V8 engines.  Alongside the production 351-cid Windsor and big-block 390-cid V8s, Ford also offered two Boss homologation specials, the Trans-Am inspired 302 and drag strip special 429.  For many pundits the best ’69 Mustang of all was the 428 Cobra Jet, Ford’s big block hero car available to buyers of the Mustang GT or Mach 1 Sportsroof.  The Mach 1 package consisted of a matte black bonnet, bonnet scoop, stripes, competition suspension and chrome-styled steel wheels, plus chromed exhaust tips.  When the Mach 1 buyer ticked the Cobra Jet option, they got a 335 horsepower big-block Police Interceptor 428-cid V8 breathing through a four-barrel Holley 735cfm carburettor, along with a performance intake manifold, hydraulic lifters from the GT390 and staggered shocks.  The four-speed manual came with close-ratio gears and stronger 31-spline rear end.  After turning in a quarter-mile time 13.56 seconds at 106.64mph, the Cobra Jet was described by Hot Rod magazine as being “The fastest running pure stock in the history of man” and even today the performance of these fire breathing monsters cannot fail to leave a lasting impression.  Ford also offered the R-Code Super Cobra Jet, featuring Ram air induction, but surprisingly the Q-Code Cobra Jet was built in much smaller numbers, with only 2,759 made in 1969 versus 11,922, representing a fraction of overall Mustang production that year.  The interest in muscle cars has never been stronger and the Mach 1 Cobra Jet Mustang ranks as one of the most collectible of all.