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1973 Kawasaki H2A 750 Mach IV Motorcycle





Engine 0.75-litre three-cylinder
Body Work Motorcycle
Colour Burnt orange
Trim Black
Wheels Chrome wire
Brakes Disc/drum


This lot is no longer available

At the time of its launch in 1972, the Kawasaki H2A 750 Mach IV was obviously the new production bike to beat – on road and track alike. Astonishingly for the day, the Mach IV could devour the standing 400 metres in 12 seconds flat. With hindsight, it was one of those standout machines that pushed the British motorcycle industry to the brink of extinction. The H2A built on the success of its predecessor (the H1 Mach III), which had been launched in 1969. The Mach III was powered by a 500cc triple but the Mach IV’s 750cc unit was all-new and delivered a huge increase in torque. Like the earlier bike, this was no machine for the faint-hearted or inexpert pilot. The engine’s ferocious power was evident from just 3500rpm and continued through to 7500. According to Kawasaki’s 1972 brochure, the bike’s ‘one purpose in life’ was to deliver ‘the most exciting and exhilarating performance’. It also admitted that the machine demanded ‘the razor-sharp reactions of an experienced rider’. With 74 brake horsepower, the Mach IV was easily the most powerful 750 of the day, way ahead of its closest rival the Triumph Trident with 58.