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1959 Holden FC (Custom) Sedan





Engine Holden 192 cubic-inch six
Gearbox Manual
Body Work 4-Door Sedan
Colour Dark blue and crystal blue-silver
Trim Brown
Wheels Alloy
Brakes Discs


This lot is no longer available

The FC has always been one of the most cherished Holden models and (uniquely) accounted for more than half of all new car sales for the year (1958). The FC was a facelift on the FE, which made its debut in July 1956 as the most modern and attractive car produced anywhere in the world by General Motors at that time. With its extra chromework, bolder grille and daring two-tone colour combinations, the FC was perfect for the buoyant mood of 1958 Australia. Despite its glamour, the FC retained all the toughness of the earlier models and boasted nine inches of ground clearance for traversing roads where these days one would choose a 4-wheel drive. Although two or three would-be rivals offered more power than the Holden, they also cost more and lacked the rough road ability and fuel economy of Australia’s Own Car. Long after it had vanished from new car showrooms, enthusiasts bought FC Holdens and modified them to give more power and handle better. In many cases the front-end was updated to a more modern ball-joint configuration and disc brakes replaced the old drums.