2022 Shannons Summer Timed Online Auction

1963 Ford Anglia Deluxe (Modified) 2Dr Sedan





Engine 1.5-litre 4-cylinder
Gearbox Manual
Body Work 2-Door sedan
Colour White
Interior Red
Wheels Steel
Brakes Disk/Drum


This lot is no longer available

Nineteen fifty-nine was a most significant year for the international automotive industry and the Ford Anglia 105E with its striking reverse rake rear window was among the most significant new British cars of the season. It’s fair to say that, for the first time, manufacturers displayed models that reflected the 1955-56 Suez Crisis with its implications for the supply and price of petrol. Alec Issigonis’s Morris Mini-Minor and Austin Seven twins were the most obvious of these, but the new Anglia and Triumph Herald also attracted great interest from economy-minded buyers. The Anglia was the first truly modern small Ford, about as different from the outgoing ‘sit-up-and-beg’ entry level Popular as could be imagined.  It now seems astonishing to realise that here was the first car in the entire Ford world to be equipped with a 4-speed gearbox! The 105E Anglia is also notable for its markedly over-square engine which proved extremely amendable to the tuner’s art.