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1987 Suzuki Mighty Boy Utility





Engine 543cc three-cylinder
Gearbox 2-speed automatic
Body Work Two-door utility
Colour Orange
Interior Black
Trim Vinyl and Cloth
Wheels Steel
Brakes Disc/drum


This lot is no longer available

Based on the platform of its front-wheel drive Cerco sports coupe, Suzuki’s cheeky Mighty Boy was a unique utility that fitted the Japanese “Kei Class” for sub-550cc cars. Unveiled in February 1983, the Mighty Boy offered a relatively spacious cab with seating for two adults and was powered by a transversely mounted 543cc in-line three-cylinder motor rated at 22.7 kW at 6000 rpm. Australia and Cyprus were the only export markets to receive the Mighty Boy, with the car sold here through local importer ATECO between 1985 and 1988. Featuring 12-inch wheels, bucket seats and chrome roof rails, around 2800 were sold here at a list price of $5795 (for the manual version), making it the cheapest car on the market at that time. Well-equipped for that price, the Australian SS40T Mighty Boy (a hybrid of the original Japanese PS-A and second generation PSI/QL models) came with an AM/FM radio and twin exterior mirrors, while dealer-fitted options included a rear tonneau cover and lockable fibreglass canopy. Two transmissions were available, a four-speed manual or a two-speed automatic, while braking was taken care of by 212mm discs up front and 180mm drums at the rear. With only 560 kgs to haul around, the Mighty Boy certainly had lively performance, not to mention exceptional fuel economy, returning up to 60 mpg. Today it has developed a cult following both in its home country and Australia today, and with few good examples left on the road, the Mighty Boy is fast becoming collectible.