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1991 BMW E34 535i 'Manual' Sedan





Engine 3.4 litre six-cylinder
Gearbox 5-speed manual
Body Work Sedan
Colour Tizianrot
Interior Tan
Trim Leather
Wheels Alloy
Brakes Disc/disc


This lot is no longer available

The BMW E34 was the third generation of its 5 Series model, produced from 1987 until 1996. Initially launched as a sedan in January 1988, the E34 also saw a "Touring" station wagon body style added in September 1992, a first for the 5 Series. 
The initial design proposal was penned by Ercole Spada and following Spada's departure from BMW, J Mays finalised the design for production in mid-1985. The E34 basic sedan had a drag coefficient of 0.30 and was largely based on the E32 7 Series model. The E34 also marked the first all-wheel 5 series model (the 525iX, not sold in Australia) and the first V8 engine to be used in a 5 Series. It also saw the introduction of stability control (ASC), traction control (ASC+T), a six-speed manual transmission, and adjustable damping (EDC). An unusually large range of engines was fitted to the E34 over its lifetime, consisting of straight-four, straight-six, and V8s. The highest six-cylinder model (except for the M5) was the 535i. Despite the '535i' model designation and '3.5' casting on the intake manifold, the BMW M30 engine in the E34 535i actually had a displacement of 3.4 litres. The 535i was replaced by the V8-engined 530i and 540i models in 1993. A total of 97,679 cars were produced, including the Alpina B10 (BiTurbo, 3.5) models. BMW replaced the E34 with the E39 5 Series in December 1995, although E34 Touring models remained in production until June 1996.