2022 Shannons Winter Timed Online Auction

2002 MG F Trophy 160 Convertible





Engine 1.8-litre four
Gearbox Manual
Body Work Roadster
Colour Yellow
Interior Black/Yellow
Wheels Alloy
Brakes Disc


This lot is no longer available

Although the idea of creating a new MG sports car had been around the Rover Group since the mid-1980s, it was left to Mazda to reinvent the affordable four-cylinder sports car with its MX-5 Miata. The MGF was released half a decade later in 1995 in two guises, both with a 1.8-litre engine. While the entry level version made 115-bhp, the high-po edition produced a creditable 143 horsepower, thanks largely to a variable valve control (VVC) system that allowed the engine to rev to 7200rpm. Only this VVC version got power steering. Taking advantage of MG’s long heritage – as the new Chinese owner would do this century! – there were special Abingdon and 75 versions. Then in 1999 the MGF was facelifted and given an equipment boost, as well as new seats and a much better sound system. The VVC acquired 16-inch rims. In the European spring of 2001, the Rover Group introduced the most appealing variant yet, the Trophy 160. This one was intended for the keenest drivers and boasted heavier-duty suspension and brakes, new aerodynamic add-ons and a boost in power to 158 brake horsepower. With its mid-engined configuration and excellent power to weight ratio, the Trophy 160 appealed to a new type of buyer who might have previously overlooked the MGF.