2021 Shannons Spring Timed Online Auction

1960 Chrysler 300F Coupe (LHD)





Engine 413ci V8
Gearbox Three Speed Automatic
Body Work Coupe
Colour Terra Cotta
Interior Beige
Trim Leather
Wheels Steel With Hubcaps
Brakes Discs/Drums


This lot is no longer available

Chrysler’s legendary 300 series started in 1955 with the C-300, a stylish two-door hardtop coupe which combined luxury with a high-performance version of its Hemi V8 motor. For the next decade Chrysler’s famous “Letter Cars” signified the ultimate in personal luxury and performance, and successive model years were given the next letter of the alphabet as a suffix (skipping "i"), reaching the 300L by 1965, after which the model sequence was discontinued. The 1960 300F introduced a new 6.8 litre (413ci) ‘Wedge’ engine delivering 280 kW and with a special "cross-ram" intake manifold. Instead of the usual central intake manifold with carburettor(s) on top, the cross-ram consisted of two pairs of 760 mm long tuned pipes that crossed so each fed the opposite side of the engine. The carburettors and air cleaners thus hung off the sides of the engine and the long tubes were tuned so they forced air into the cylinders. Also new were four individual, leather bucket seats (the front ones swiveling) with a full-length console from dash to rear seatback. The 300F’s new unibody bodywork was given sharper-edged styling with outward-tilting fins that were visually separated from the sides. The so-called "toilet seat" trunk lid, however, contributed to a demeaning opinion of the 300F and was done away with after one year of production. A total of 969 coupes and 248 convertibles were built in 1960. Chrysler began using the 300 designation again in 1999, using the 300M nameplate from 1999 to 2004, and then expanding the 300 series with a new V8-powered 300C, the top model of a new Chrysler 300 line, a new rear-wheel drive car launched in 2004 for the 2005 model year.