b'SHANNONS AUCTIONSONLINE BIDDINGWhat are the features of the Shannons Timed Online Bidding website?A list of all auction lots with photosProminent bid button/asking bid with live bid historyEmail outbid notificationsSMS outbid notifications for any bidders who register their phone number in the mobile field, and opt-in to receive these messagesHow do I bid online?Once the auction has started, online bids will appear in the bidding history in real time. The bid increments are determined by preset values in the system. To bid at the asking bid value, click the Place Bid button and enter the amount you wish to bid. The system will show a confirmation message before placing your bid, and includes the total amounts to be paid if you are the successful winning bidder. Click Place Bid to confirm. By confirming your bid, Shannons assumes that you have read and acknowledged this confirmation message.Bid ExtensionAt the designated closing time of each lot, there will be a 2-minute extension on each bid to allow others to bid (this is known as Bid extension). The item will be SOLD when there is only one bidder left bidding on the lot.Do I have to stay at my computer for the duration of the auction?The timed auction system allows users to place maximum bids. This allows the bidder to nominate a figure they would like to bid up to, and the system is then programmed to bid up to that specified figure on the bidders behalf. Placing a maximum bid allows the bidder to leave their computer, knowing that the system will take care of their bids, to the price they have nominated. The bidder may also raise the auction directly to this price as a competitive bidding tactic.You can also bid at a Shannons online timed auction using your mobile phone or tablet. We recommend that you opt-in to email and SMS outbid notifications so that you wont miss a bid.What do I do if my internet connection goes down?If your internet connection drops, you will be prompted by the system to refresh your page. Simply refresh your page to continue bidding on the timed auction, or log back into the Shannons Online Bidding website and re-enter your email address and password. Technical support is also available.SHANNONS.COM.AU'