b'3.ONLINE SALES SYSTEM3.1You have access to the Online Sales System for legitimate personal and commercial purposes, and to participate in the Auction.3.2Shannons does not warrant that the Online Sales System will be available for use by You at all times or at any particular time, during and for the duration of any particular Auction or at all.3.3Shannons may limit, restrict or withdraw Your use of the Online Sales System at any time without notice to you or explanation.3.4If the Online Sales System is interrupted (either generally or to a particular Bidder(s) or person(s)) for any reason during the Auction, Shannons may, but is not obliged to, declare the Auction void and recommence the Auction from the beginning.3.5You agree to indemnify and release Shannons from any loss or damage in connection with Your use of the Online Sales System, including but not limited to, loss or damage from errors or problems with the Online Sales System, or Your inability to use the Online Sales System.3.6Any cost associated with accessing the Online Sales System is Your responsibility and dependent on the internet service provider used.4.AUCTIONEER4.1The Auctioneer acts as agent for the Vendor.4.2The Auctioneer reserves the right to:(a)refuse any bid;(b)withdraw any Lot from Auction;(c)remove a Bidder from the Auction;(d)not allow a Bidder to bid in the Auction;(e)clarify the description of any Lot before the commencement of the Auction;(f)not disclose the existence or amount of the reserve price of a Lot before the Auction ends; or(g)accept bids below the reserve price for the Lot.4.3Disputes concerning bidding shall be resolved by the Auctioneer in its absolute discretion by either determining the dispute or negotiating to sell the Lot with the next highest Bidder.5.BIDDING DURING THE AUCTION5.1A Bidder is deemed to be bidding on a Lot on their own behalf unless before the Auction starts they disclose that they are acting as a Bidding Agent. If the Bidding Agent does not identify the principal, or provides incomplete, inaccurate or false details about the principal, the Auctioneer and Vendor shall not be bound by any contract, agreement or arrangement with any person other than the Bidding Agent.5.2The auction period for a Lot ends when the Auctioneer accepts the highest bid, at the time and date nominated for the Lot by the Auctioneer.5.3The auction of a Lot may be subject to a reserve price specified by the Vendor. The starting bid may be less than the reserve price.5.4Each bid is an irrevocable offer by the Bidder to purchase the Lot at the price specified in the bid. Once a bid is made, it cannot be revoked and remains open for acceptance by the Auctioneer until the Auction ends. 5.5A bid will only be accepted by the Auctioneer if it is higher than the preceding bid,5.6Subject to the any reserve price, the Bidder submitting the bid which is accepted and declared by the Auctioneer as the highest bid when the Auction ends, will be the purchaser of the Lot at the price specified in the bid. 5.7Bid prices do not include costs, fees or charges for delivery of the Lot.5.8All bid prices are GST inclusive if the sale of the Lot is a taxable supply.'